Trips and events

One of the most important investments of your company.

MARFA TRAVEL provides advice and service so that the management of your trips is the most efficient from the operational and economic point of view.

We help create a corporate travel policy, working together with the client and in line with their objectives.

Periodic presentation of reports as the main management tool for monitoring and detecting points of improvement.

We have an extensive network of correspondents to obtain the most advantageous agreements for each client and occasion.

VIP area

An encrypted, and absolutely confidential gateway that places us close to our client, within the organization.

With a “login” and a password our client has direct and secure access, to manage online the entire application-authorization-issuance process of all the documentation for their trips and events. You will have the possibility of downloading reports that you have requested, photographs of your events and a long list of customized solutions.

Our “VIP Room” is the solution for companies that have a request and authorization process prior to the issuance of travel documentation.

It is one of our main values, together with the passion for doing what we do.

MARFA TRAVEL is synonymous with proximity, reliability, absolute availability with emergency telephone 24 hours a day and a smile.