Project Description

A book, like a trip, begins with restlessnes and ends with melancholy.

New York. The city of mirrors

A literary trip on Paul Auster’s New York trilogy. A vagabond tracing maps with his steps, a writer turned detective, a detective who feels watched, a man who decides to leave his life, mysterious narrators and even Paul Auster himself star in The New York trilogy.

Through them and the places they travel, but also through the author and the writers that marked him, we built this trip that will transport you directly to the streets of New York.

What is Edgar Allan Poe’s relationship with Daniel Quinn?

To what extent does Walden influence in Blue? What about Hawthorne in Fanshawe?

What does Peter Stillman have to do with the Explorer Club?

What does Cervantes look like in all this?

30th anniversary of The New York trilogy 1987 – 2017