Project Description

A book, like a trip, begins with restlessnes and ends with melancholy.

Paris – Buenos Aires. Tracing the hopscotch (Rayuela)

There is no doubt that Rayuela changed the course of twentieth-century Spanish-American literature. Cortázar armed with clockwork precision to combinde music, art, philosophy and literature, a lot of literature. A collage that, made with the most varied references, has seduced the most demanding readers for more than fifty years.

  • What happens if we separate the hopscotch? (Rayuela)
  • And if we look for each one of the little pieces that compose it, analyze and contextualize them?
  • A literary journey that runs between Paris and Buenos Aires to explore its streets and squares, its cafés and its most emblematic places. A visit to the Louvre in the hands of Horacio, a coffee in Montparnasse accompanied by La Maga or an evening at the Circus Las Estrellas. But it is also a hidden history of the avant-garde that takes us from the jazz of the Club de la Serpiente to the tango in a courtyard in Buenos Aires.
  • From the poetry of T. S. Eliot to Zen Buddhism. From a painting by Vieira da Silva to an engraving by Piranesi.