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Norway, February 2022

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Munich 2016

We present a series of tours where you will discover new areas of Madrid and its history that many of its locals don’t actually know about.

Thematic Madrid, Green Madrid and Neighbourhoods of Madrid are among our offers for savouring the secrets of a city that never fails to amaze.

Thematic Madrid


Green Madrid


Neighbourhoods of Madrid


We’ll show you around our city so you can discover its streets, buildings, history and residents.

All our tours are in groups of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 people.

Our visits are made by magnificent Art History Guides with a deep knowledge and love for Madrid.

We present you with an exclusive and very special product. With Marfa Travel and using the maps put together by our friends at Aventuras Literarias, you can discover the places where some of the best-known novels in literary history were set.

In collaboration with our friends of Aventuras Literarias we have decided to make your wonderful maps come true to offer you trips based on them.

We will travel with you to the historical center of the cities that chose great authors for their characters, and you will have the literary map as the only guide.

We will walk through the streets through which the life of its protagonists went, often together with historical personalities and all kinds of real and fictitious characters.

You will rediscover spaces of cities that you thought you knew and that will no longer be the same in your memory.

Routes for restless minds like yours, who seek new experiences, who are passionate about literature and who tell them a story that was always on paper.