Are you our kind of traveller?

Travellers is a travel club. It offers a way to travel in small groups, accompanied by expert guides and enjoying the experience with other people who are on your wavelength.

If you’re looking for true adventures and a trip that combines learning, discovery and exciting cuisine, nature or art experiences… then you’re definitely our kind of traveller.

Trips organised in the past

Berlin 2019

Lyon 2018

Stockholm 2015

Chicago 2018

Annecy 2015

London 2017

Dubai 2012

Munich 2016

Theme Trips

Literary Trips:
In collaboration with our friends at Literary Adventures we have decided to make their wonderful maps a reality to recommend trips based on them.
We will walk through the streets through which the lives of the protagonists of great works of Literature passed, rediscovering spaces in cities that you thought you knew and that will no longer be the same in your memory.

Musical Trips:
With the collaboration of professional musicians, we will travel to emblematic and key places in the history of popular music. From Blues and Jazz to Pop or Rock, these trips will make any lover of these musical genres live an experience that is difficult to repeat.

Literary Adventures