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Without leaving the limits of the Community of Madrid

we can enjoy 4 World Heritage Sites.


49 kms from Madrid, 35 minutes by motorway.

Royal Palace, gardens and Old quarter, as well as its natural landscape in different thematic tours.

Recreational area of kings in the XVI century and a great natural wealth give rise to extraordinary products of the garden such as strawberries, strawberries and asparagus, delicious in any of its recipes: in vinaigrette, grilled, gratin, in sauce …. Fruit of hunting tradition of the monarchs, it is typical the hunting kitchen with excellent quail, partridges, rabbit “with garlic” and of course, the pheasant that is star of its forests.

El Escorial

45 km from Madrid.

Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, historical gardens, Valley of the Fallen (Valle de los Caídos), Houses and Palaces in the old part of the town, the King’s carport and natural surroundings (La Herrería (forest), Arboreto Luis Ceballos (forest), Silla de Felipe II, (King Philip II’s chair)…).

It has varied and good restaurants where you can taste authentic Madrilenian and Serrana (mountain) cuisine: cocido madrileño (chickpea stew), tripe, Castilian soup, veal from the Mountains of Guadarrama, grilled lamb and suckling pig and fish such as sea bream and cod. Sweets such as anise donuts and canutitos de crema (pastry rolls filled with cream).

Alcalá de Henares

30 kms from Madrid.

Universidad de Alcalá, Plaza de Cervantes, Casa natal de Cervantes, Regional Archaeological Museum, Roman City, Laredo Palace, Archbishop’s Palace, Corral de Comedias, …

Famous for its tapas and its cuisine with references to Don Quixote are typical; Duelos y Quebrantos (Duels and Losses – scrambled egg and pork dish) Alcalá breadcrumbs and sugarcoated almonds or a pastry and cream cake.

Hayedo de Montejo

At the foot of the Mountains of Ayllón, 95 km from Madrid.

An old meadow of beech and oak oaks as a sample of the admirable landscape and ecological diversity of one of the most unique forests of the region.

You have to visit the Casa del Hayedo and the Information Center of the Mountains of the Rincón (Corner) Biosphere Reserve located in Montejo de la Sierra and carry out some of the guided itineraries that cross this magnificent space.

In just one hour, we have another 3 treasures from UNESCO


72 km from Madrid, 25 min. in AVE (high speed train)

Touring the rich architectural heritage of the city of the three cultures includes the Church of Santo Tomé, the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes (St. John of the Kings), the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz (Christ the light), the Cathedral, the Alcázar (Fortress).

Gastronomic Capital 2016, some of its most typical dishes: Picadillo (minced meat like dish), breadcrumbs, carcamusas (pork stew), carcamusas (chorizo and potato stew), venison, cochifrito (slices of suckling pig), chickpea stew, olla podrida (bean and chorizo stew), lamb stew, garlic soups, stewed partridge accompanied by some of their craft beers.


113 km from Madrid.

La Muralla (The Old City Wall), the Cathedral, the Basilica of St. Vicente, the Royal Monastery of St.f Tomás, and a long tour of its hermitages, churches and museums such as the Teresiano Convent of St. Teresa

Beans from El Barco, veal steak and sweet egg yolks from St Teresa is the most typical, but also, the roasted goat leg from Candeleda, lamb from the Amblés Valley and the roasted suckling pig, and the trout or cod for fish dishes.


93 km from Madrid, 30 min. in AVE. (high speed train)

Aqueduct, Alcázar, Cathedral, Convent of St Antonio the Royal, The Old town, Royal Palace of la Granja (the Farm) of St. Ildefonso (which is the name of a small town).

The most typical dishes are the Judiones (giant broad beans) of La Granja, the roasted suckling pig and the suckling pig, and the famous cake; Ponche Segoviano (Segovian sponge cake). Spanish sausages such as chorizo from Cantimpalos. It has three large wine areas: Rueda, Ribera de Duero and Valtiendas.


Since year 2000 MARFA TRAVEL has been offering professional services in SPAIN, a country of enormous historical, artistic and gastronomic diversity.
Members of the Madrid Convention Bureau, we are, in addition, specialists in Madrid and its area of influence

Welcome to Madrid, our city!

Thrilling, welcoming, cosmopolitan and where nobody feels foreign.

One of the most attractive cities in the world and the safest in Europe (The Economist, Intelligence Unit, 2017) with a rich artistic and natural heritage has an advanced transport network, quality accommodation and excellent cuisine.

A city that knows how to enjoy life day and night. A meeting place for new trends and in the cultural avant-garde of Europe.

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